Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello and Apologies

It has been a while and I apologize for not updating my blog.  I also apologize for not returning emails to those of you asking where I was.  I haven't had good access to the internet until a week and a half ago.  LOTS of things have happened since July 4-- my last post.  For starters, we were dealing with terrible storms that produced war-like debris around our home in Warrenton, VA.  We lost power a few days far too long when the temps and humidity were way up there.  With God's blessings, we survived and flourished.  We were in the process of getting our house ready for the market when the storms set us back a little.  My dh and I are not getting any younger and things take us a little bit longer to do, I must admit.  But we got it done.  We listed our house and had a great contract on it in 4 days!  The next storm began almost immediately!  We had to be out of our house in a little over 6 weeks and had no clue where we would go.  And ohhhhhhhhhh the packing!!!!!!!!!!!!  God is so good to us.  He got us through this just fine.  We are now renting in our old neighborhood in Northern Va where I can honestly say that it feels like home.  My husband's commute to work has dropped from 1 1/2 hours to 25 minutes.  We are fortunate to have a friend that is a realtor that found us a rental home.  It is a beautiful home, furnished which means most of our stuff is in storage.   This can be a challenge, but we're learning to deal with it.  We have contracted to have a home built a few miles down the road from this neighborhood.  They are scheduled to break ground on it next week.  It will be fun to watch and we pray that there will be no delays in the build.

I'm hoping that one more trip back to the storage unit will get me the rest of what I need to start making some Santa's.

I am so honored to have been chosen again as one of America's finest in Early American Life Magazine Holiday edition.  I was pleasantly surprised to see they put a picture of my 2012 George Washington and Abe Lincoln in the magzaine.

My Email address is still the same.  So please drop me a note when you get a chance -

Like Dorothy said, "There's no place like home"!!!