Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enjoying the View

I'm having trouble these days staying inside and staying on task! The weather has been beautiful. The leaves are falling almost as soon as they're changing colors. This is the first Fall that we're enjoying in our new surroundings so I thought I better snap some pics before the leaves are all gone. The view is changing so quickly that I need to keep the camera handy. The hubby and I have been fighting colds this week, but the only thing its kept us from doing is painting the inside of the house! How can we make ourselves stay inside and miss out on the beautiful weather? This week, I've thought of my Dad very often. He would have been 80 on the tenth. We would have been having one of our big 'ole family parties. Oh how I miss that Man! I have been working on some Santa's, but today, I just haven't been able to work because of nature's beautiful distraction. Enough said, one more walk in the trails and I'll get back to work. ~ Debbie

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